For some people, hiking up a hill is challenging physically. Gathering the courage to flip upside down in a kayak and perform a self or assisted rescues for Basic and Level 1 Paddle Canada Certifications is an emotional challenge. For others, understanding the format of an essay or how to graph data on a lab report can be a mental challenge. At SEEC we are looking for learners who push their comfort zones and open themselves to new challenges.

SEEC focuses on place based environmental literacy while ensuring a strong academic alignment with the changes to the BC Curriculum. The main focus will be on Grade 11 credit courses, as this is what will allow SEEC to deliver quality experiences tailored the unique opportunities of Saturna.

Our ideal candidate will be a motivated grade 10 or grade 11 student.

Some modifications to grade 11 credits are possible. The mind map above show how Grade 10  PE   can be substituted for Outdoor Ed 11.  SEEC is not able to offer courses outside of the above selection. Please contact us if you have questions